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Full Tank

We cannot give what we do not have. In the same manner, we cannot give out love when we do not have it in us. Today’s culture has marred the image of true love. True love is not about receiving; it is about giving. So how do we give something we do not even have? It’s simple. Come to God. He is the author of love. He is love Himself, love personified.

When you want to experience true love, come to God. When your tank goes empty, come to God. Ask for a refuel. Ask from Him. You cannot ask from another person, or else his tank will go empty, too. You can never give what you can’t provide for yourself. And so, ask from God. Ask and it will be given unto you. Full and overflowing. God won’t hold back Himself from You. He never did and never will.


We Can Be Taught: Psychoanalyses Behind Wheels

Never underestimate the brain’s capacity, and the spirit’s determination, to learn.

Last week was memorable: I learned a new skill and discovered things about myself in an unexpected circumstance. Who would have thought that driving lessons can be a venue for applying psychoanalysis? As I was discovering how to make the car move, so was I realizing facets to my personality. Amazing, isn’t it?

Few of the things I learned, in correlation to my personality:

  1. Long drives reflect my core; I am a free spirit and do not like being bound.
  2. City driving makes me feel restricted; I find it a little difficult socializing with people.
  3. My approximation (turning to right/ left, stepping on the gas pedal) is either too much or too little; I am either of two extremes. I told you moderation is never present in my vocabulary.
  4. Driving under 60kmh is boring; Life in slow motion is not for me. I like it fast and upbeat because it is my defense mechanism. I’m fond of projecting a sunny image to drive the blues away.
  5. Skills can be improved. I can steer the car to the left or right and do it well. I can adjust to a slow speed. Driving in the city can be easy once done slowly and with caution; Everything is subject to change. I can handle negative circumstances in a positive way, if only I chose to. I can learn to be moderate. I can improve my socializing skills.

The last lesson, I learned for the last day in driving school, and I see it as the most important among the five. I am a pretty slow learner when it comes to dealing with situations and the self. But at least I can learn.


A/N: This writing prompt was brought to you by The Daily Post