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God led me to you and I thank Him so much for His love, for our love.

My favorite song and vid since the day it was released :>

In many ways, I relate to this song. And I hope to have cute prenup shots and vids like in the MV ^^,



Me, too

Is it because of the raging hormones? The cold weather? The influence of the world? Too often we deceive ourselves into justifying the wrong. Just because everybody does it doesn’t mean it is already right. What God has said is wrong remains wrong, despite everyone doing it and making it seem right. What is wrong in the eyes of God remains as it is even if humans make it right in their eyes.

The fact remains; we give ourselves away. Our bodies, most especially. Nothing is wrong with that, only when done at the proper place and time with the proper person, and most of all, God’s permission. Marriage is the safest place to be intimate- physically and emotionally. This is when both persons are secure. This is when God allows us to give ourselves away.

Yet the sanctity of marriage has been marred by the world. We do things only married couples should enjoy. We place ourselves at risk of getting hurt, being enslaved by sin, and being judged by God. Premarital sex is a big NO NO. And while Christians do not practice it, still we commit a crime. To a lesser extent. In the form of physical intimacy. Yes, physical intimacy is [robbing God] giving ourselves away. Without God’s permission. The hugs and the kisses and touches..they seem innocent at first. But it is still robbing God of His authority over our body. When we develop physical intimacy too naively, when we do it too frequently, we are giving authority to another person to do whatever they want with our body. Our body which, in the first place, does not belong to us. (1 Cor 6:19 What? Know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own? v.20 For ye are bought with a price; therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God’s.)

I’m not saying this because I’m righteous. I’m not saying this because I’m pure. I’m saying this because this is my struggle, too. How can I avoid something I am fond of? How can I consider a sin that which I love doing?

Skinship. Hugs and kisses. Physical intimacy.

It is my weakness, too. I am a sinner, much like everyone else. And while I am writing that it is bad, that it is to be avoided, to be kept to a minimum, I find it difficult to actually practice what I preach. At the back or front of my mind, I am thinking of cuddling him and holding his hand while we talk and kissing him. To be honest, marriage excites me because of the privilege of sex.. But I’m not only after the sex part, I’m excited for living every day with him. And yeah, lots of physical intimacy.

This is my heart. It’s corrupted, I know. I won’t deny it. And I need God’s grace to help me fight this.