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Even though vast stretches of land and sea come between you and me

We still look at the same sky and that is encouragement enough to know that we’ll get by



She is not a fan of it. It saddens her heart. It makes her feel angry and alone. What’s worse, it makes her forget. It makes her think of unnecessary, and most times, illogical things. Yet in her weakness, those immaturities are real. And it frightens her. Then she gives up.

But he proved her wrong. He held her hand when she let go, showing her what they can do to make things between them work out. Compromise. He constantly reminded her so she won’t ever forget. He made her feel they were together, even if separated by a thousand miles.

Distance. It’s not such a bad thing. It is not an obstacle, either. It is an open challenge, an avenue for growth. Most of all, it shows how beautiful true love can be.