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Standing on my own feet

At times that I am unwell, you are the first person that I like to talk to. You are the ONLY person I like to talk to. It it is both a good and bad thing. A good thing in the sense that you have allowed me to verbalized my feelings; you listen nonjudgementally, and you tell me what I need to hear. A bad thing in the sense that I am becoming dependent on you, I think. There is a time to stand up and walk on my own feet. Now is the best time to learn. I have to be strong, too! I cannot live off of your energy all the time. It’s nice that we don’t have any means of communication as of the moment; this buys me some precious time to reflect. Thanks for letting me on my own. You don’t know how vital this is to me.

Cast thy burden upon The Lord, and he shall sustain thee: he shall never suffer the righteous to be moved.
Psalm 55:22

I’m okay. Don’t worth about me :)

P. S I miss you.


Love: it starts as a drizzle
then pours like rain.


She is not a fan of it. It saddens her heart. It makes her feel angry and alone. What’s worse, it makes her forget. It makes her think of unnecessary, and most times, illogical things. Yet in her weakness, those immaturities are real. And it frightens her. Then she gives up.

But he proved her wrong. He held her hand when she let go, showing her what they can do to make things between them work out. Compromise. He constantly reminded her so she won’t ever forget. He made her feel they were together, even if separated by a thousand miles.

Distance. It’s not such a bad thing. It is not an obstacle, either. It is an open challenge, an avenue for growth. Most of all, it shows how beautiful true love can be.


Imagine yourself at an art gallery. Surrounded by masterpieces, you stand in the center, gazing at the most beautiful painting you have ever seen. As you marvel at its beauty, a flood of words, detailed descriptions came to mind. Your hand itches and you take out from your bag a pen and paper. You start to write, nailing the abstract beauty into words. Satisfied, you slowly start to walk away. Another painting catches your attention. There, tucked in a corner, was something far more splendid than the first. What you thought was beautiful paled in comparison to what you are beholding now. You simply stood, words taken from you. It was hard to describe; a piece of art so raw and powerful and…simple. It was beautiful in its own inexplicable way. And while people were astonished with the painting in the center, this one, somehow hidden from the spotlight, had a more astounding effect. You stare at the others standing in awe, their breath taken away. You can see it in their eyes. Words…will never be enough to capture the subtlety and madness of this art.