Fuzzy feelings

I only read them in books or heard them from people or watched them in Koreanovelas. Never has it occurred to me that I would be able to personally experience these wonderful things. I mean, yes, I’m normal. But I’ve never felt anything like this before. I think, my heart has never beaten so peacefully erratic. Ironic and cheesy as it sounds, it is real. Well maybe an ECG tracing would reveal a sinus rhythm, because physiologically I’m okay, yet I think it pounds so hard (it might as well jump out of my rib cage) and pumps out blood double its normal speed every time I’m with him. It doubles its effort to supply my brain with enough oxygen, because if it doesn’t, I’d be a puddle of goo when we’re together. And my brain! Oh how it ceases to function right now. I hate how I can’t write beautifully what I feel for him. All I know is, I’ve never been so alive! And I thank God He made me realize the capacity of my heart.

To my dearly beloved, you are one of God’s most awesome gift to me :)


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