So this is love…

You ask me what love is. I tell you it is the oxygen that circulates in your blood. It is the microscopic function of your cells. Or the touch of sunlight on your cheeks. The dew drops on a tiny leaf. It is a cool breeze in the heat of summer night. It is the warm blanket during winter. And the comforts of a house during a storm. It is a call from a long unheard friend. The furry warmth and sloppy kiss of a pet dog. And the warm greeting from a nurse. A reassuring smile from the physician. A baby’s first time to say “Mama, Dada”. It is your mom making you breakfast. The son studying well. A wife washing the clothes. A father fixing the pipes. It is your sister helping you out with homework. It is the encouragement from peers when you think you can’t do it. It is you r favorite song to cheer you up on a lonely day. It is the one thing you badly needed, arriving at the time you needed it most.

Love is a Father, giving up His only Son, to die for sin that is never His. Love is the Son, subjecting Himself to the Father, even if it meant dying. You ask me what love is. I tell you, love is the source of life that keeps you alive. Love is from God. Love is God.

Too many times we take the little things forgranted and make ourselves believe we are unloved. Look around you and observe well enough. You are dearly beloved.


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