For you, my dear

dear you, the you who told her you love her

she…was a believer of love, always the hopeless romantic. she was a fan of letters and gifts and everything sweet. she always thought love stories always had happy endings. she thought fairy tales come true. along the way, however, the world lied and her heart crumbled.

but here comes the amazing part: she came to know of a Savior named Jesus. yes, her heart was made whole again and she started to believe once more in love. but she was no longer naive. she no longer believed in fairy tales. she became cautious, building a great wall around her heart and assessing every person she would let in.

then you came along. and you tell her you love her. she believes because she feels it, too. she feels the same for you. she’s still awestruck at what God has done. she never knew it would turn out like this…this…amazing love story of her own, penned by God’s hands. and no, it’s not a fairy tale because it’s real. she’s the main character and she’s living it. with you.

maybe you’ll never know because she’s not telling you. she loves you so much and is always thankful for what God has laid out. her mind is being slowly changed by God. it was worth breaking down her walls for you. it was worth getting her heart out in the open, knowing you won’t break it. you’ll hurt her, yes, but you won’t break her heart. bear in mind the same goes for you, as well. she may hurt you, but she won’t break your heart. she knows how it feels.

maybe you’ll never know because she will never tell you and she’s too shy to say it but she likes it every time you write her something sweet, when you call her names, when you tell her you love her.

maybe you’ll never know because she doesn’t say how grateful she is for the three months you’ve spent with her (well, not entirely physically but you get the point :D). and she hopes you and her won’t stop at three, four, five months. you and her…she doesn’t want to open her heart to somebody else again.

she’s a slow learner to life’s lessons. she’s moody. she has low self-esteem and self-destructive tendencies. she is very much prone to depression. she cries easily but laughs heartily. she was always tempestuous. and so i ask you, please be patient with her. she may drive you crazy most times, but please don’t let her go. draw her closer to God. be strong for her when the time calls for it. make her laugh and cry joyous tears. let her fight her own monsters, too. she may not look it, but she’s also strong.

to the you who told her you love her, she wants to tell you one thing: she loves you, too.


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