We Can Be Taught: Psychoanalyses Behind Wheels

Never underestimate the brain’s capacity, and the spirit’s determination, to learn.

Last week was memorable: I learned a new skill and discovered things about myself in an unexpected circumstance. Who would have thought that driving lessons can be a venue for applying psychoanalysis? As I was discovering how to make the car move, so was I realizing facets to my personality. Amazing, isn’t it?

Few of the things I learned, in correlation to my personality:

  1. Long drives reflect my core; I am a free spirit and do not like being bound.
  2. City driving makes me feel restricted; I find it a little difficult socializing with people.
  3. My approximation (turning to right/ left, stepping on the gas pedal) is either too much or too little; I am either of two extremes. I told you moderation is never present in my vocabulary.
  4. Driving under 60kmh is boring; Life in slow motion is not for me. I like it fast and upbeat because it is my defense mechanism. I’m fond of projecting a sunny image to drive the blues away.
  5. Skills can be improved. I can steer the car to the left or right and do it well. I can adjust to a slow speed. Driving in the city can be easy once done slowly and with caution; Everything is subject to change. I can handle negative circumstances in a positive way, if only I chose to. I can learn to be moderate. I can improve my socializing skills.

The last lesson, I learned for the last day in driving school, and I see it as the most important among the five. I am a pretty slow learner when it comes to dealing with situations and the self. But at least I can learn.


A/N: This writing prompt was brought to you by The Daily Post



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